Month: January 2018

Jan 29

Solar Energy / Enie Start Manufacturing Photovoltaic Panels

The National Enterprise of Electronic Industries (ENIE) will, shortly, begin the manufacture of solar panels. This was affirmed by the APS CEO, Djamel Bekkara, who said that the company he manages has invested in this project no less than 2 billion dinars or 200 billion centimes.

ENIE joins other companies, such as Condor, which has started to manufacture these panels for a few years now. All these companies want to place themselves in a field that will undoubtedly consolidate more in the years to come since the authorities have set up several programs for the encouragement of renewable energies.

This new Ernie plant is located on the perimeter of the parent company in Sidi Bel Abbes. It will employ, in its early days, nearly 100 people. Other recruitments will follow, as this unit approaches its cruising speed.

The integration rate will initially be only 10%, as reported by the CEO. The goal is to achieve, and he adds, 100% shortly. Some workers from this new company have completed training in the United States and Japan.

Make A Solar Thermal Panel


Solar energy in France as in many parts of the world has the advantage of being available for free, sustainably and to provide significant power (850 watts per square meter average in our latitudes on a sunny day). The purchase of photovoltaic solar panels is profitable for the individual only in certain specific cases: An isolated dwelling, or if the state aids are indeed valid. Apart from the cost of buying the panel, its poor performance and batteries to store the energy to change every ten years, you should know that making a solar panel requires a lot, a lot of energy, and money!

However, there is another type of solar panel cheaper to buy, and also readily achievable by any handyman if he knows how to handle a hammer, a saw, and possibly a torch (small torch) type “Camping Gas.”

We will be interested in the manufacture of a solar panel of a thermal type intended to heat water or any other liquid. The highest cost in the installation will be that of the hot water tank which will have a coil to communicate the heat produced by the panel to the water of the balloon. In addition, the latter must include an electrical resistance to make up during periods of severe weather, not to mention the expansion tank, but these are the classic elements of a boiler (there is nevertheless a solution to pass expansion tank, and limiting summer overheating and freezing in winter, called “Drain back”). It is this last solution described at the end of the article that I implement, during 2011, in the house.

Jan 28

A Principle Of Operation Of A Solar Thermal Panel

The law of solar thermal group that has absolutely nothing to do with its photovoltaic counterpart and is based on the greenhouse effect. But the general principle, although known to all may seem less evident if we start to go into details!

You may have noticed that dark-colored objects are warmer than bright colors when exposed to the sun for some time. Indeed, the less a body reflects light – that’s why it looks dark – the more it absorbs solar energy in the range of the visible spectrum. We must also know that a “black body,” a scientific name given to objects absorbing solar radiation, in our case, re-emits energy in the form of infrared radiation, and those, especially since it is dark. Thus a white surface warms much less and more slowly in the sun, but more slowly releases its energy later, at night, for example.

We, therefore, have every interest in using a black surface traversed by a copper coil where water circulates. But the fact that this dark surface loses more heat than a white surface is it embarrassing?

In fact, not at all, because that’s where our greenhouse effect comes in. If we place the black plate in an enclosure covered with regular glass, all exposed to the sun, the lens will let the visible ray, (This is the interest of a window!) But block the infrared rays that are re-emitted by our black body! The infrared will be reflected on the glass and will then be redirected to the plate, and therefore, the temperature of the plate and the enclosure will climb … Especially since it is sheltered from the wind.

All that remains is to communicate this heat generated to water via a copper pipe snaking in contact with the copper plate. Moreover, without this water to “cool” the panel, the dish could probably easily exceed 200 ° C during a heat wave!

Our solar panel works! It is based on the capture of solar radiation and not thermal conduction (except for the water pipe). Thus a solar panel will work almost at the same performance it is 15 ° C or 30 ° C outside if there is sun and its elevation (depending on the season) is the same!

The final prototype, deviating somewhat from the original plan I have drawn, to a surface of 1.75 m². Indeed 1m² would have been a better choice to efficiently perform a performance calculation and quickly evaluate the performance of the solar panel, but the aluminum panel that I found was 2m ²; I chose to exploit it to the maximum to make his purchase profitable (80 euros). The frame is made of joinery wood assembled with screws, but nothing prevents you from using other materials such as aluminum, composite or steel. A layer of rock wool or glass wool insulates the inside of the panel to limit heat loss. In my case, I used a “new generation” insulation material consisting of a thousand-sheet laminated aluminum (mylar) and Dacron that is easily found in any hardware store. Its thickness (2-3cm) is less compared to glass wool. It is stapled to the inside walls of the trunk.

Jan 10
2018 Gives You Some Tips To Consider To Find Best Roofing Company


Are you finding the best roofing company san jose California? There are many things to look for in the best roofing contractor. In fact, San Jose has its own share of roofing contractors. But all of these service providers are not the best. Your research is very important when selecting the best company for the project. Extensive research will help you pick the right contractor the first time around. Here are some tips to look for when choosing the best roof repair company in San Jose.

The first thing is to look for a local contractor since he knows the building codes and regulations in the area. The right candidate should have a valid license and adequate insurance to operate in the area. Don’t forget to check customer feedback when selecting the best candidate for the job. The right roofing company should have a majority of positive reviews from their customer base. There are many independent online review sites that provide honest reviews of real customers. Make sure that you check some of these sites before you hire the best contractor for the job.

The above read offers information on how to choose the best roofing company in San Jose.